Hey Pole Sport Organization performer! Thanks for being our customer! You make it possible for us to travel to all these amazing events and provide high-quality images for all competitors, from first-time competition newbies to seasoned pros. You are supporting a small business born from the pole community (we're polers too!), and we love you for it.
Here are some questions we often hear from PSO event participants:

How do I know you received my order? Will I get a confirmation?

Yes! We will send out an order confirmation email to everyone after the event, usually within one week. If you do not receive this email, please use the "contact us" link to get in touch!
If you performed under a stage name and didn't already provide it to us, you can send it to us using the "Contact Us" link above, or reply to the confirmation email when it arrives.

When will I receive my photos/videos?

We start deliveries the week following each event and usually finish within 45 days. Pre-orders (those placed before the event begins) will be delivered first, and then orders placed at the event, and finally those placed afterwards. We post updates on the Facebook competitors group page for each event at regular intervals.

Can I preview my photos or watch my video before I place an order?

No. Since each event has up to 250 competitors, there is just no way for us to process the thousands of images and massive amount of video we take into preview galleries within a reasonable time! Between categorizing the files, connecting them to the right person, resizing down to a web preview, and uploading the files, it would be many months before you saw them! However, we do have tons of examples of our previous work in our Onstage gallery, as well as on our Facebook page, so you can see the quality of our work before you order.

How can I be sure that you'll pick the right shots?

We've been shooting PSO events since the very first Pacific Pole Championship in 2012, so we have loads of experience capturing dancers at all levels. We choose the photos first based on your technique and position - picking the best angle for each pose. Then we choose between shots based on the details - pointed toes, pretty hands, good facial expression, muscle definition, etc. It's extremely rare that we have an unhappy customer, but we love feedback on our choices, and you can always contact us here. Check out this video that shows the whole process!

What can I do onstage to be sure that I get the best photos and video?

There are a bunch of things that will help you - and we wrote a whole blog post on the subject, complete with cool GIFs and lots of detailed explanation. Head over here to read it!

How will my order be delivered?

We deliver the vast majority of orders through Dropbox or Google Drive, cloud storage services. We'll email you a link to a private folder, and you can download the files from that folder onto your computer. Then they can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, emailed to grandma, etc. If you're unfamiliar with Dropbox or Google Drive, here's a video about how the process works.

Where can I get updates about my order?

You can always check our Order Status page! We also post updates about how far along we are in the delivery process in the competitor Facebook group for each event. For example, if you performed at Pacific Pole Championships, you'll see updates in the "Pacific Pole Championships Competitors" group. 

Can I place an order AFTER the event is over?

Yes! We archive the images and videos literally forever. You can always place an order, even for an event that happened years ago. If the event happened within the past year, the purchase links are probably still up on our Book A Shoot page!

What can I do with my photos/video?

Almost anything! Print them and hang on your home studio wall for inspiration. Send them to relatives. Use them to promote your classes. Show off on social media. Make a photo mug to start your day off with a cup full of YOU ROCK! The only thing that you cannot do with your photos or video is sell them to anyone, since we own copyright as creator. But your order comes with a full personal promotional license to use them.

I never received my order and it has been over 45 days. What should I do?

Contact Us! Sometimes our delivery email went to your Spam inbox, sometimes it gets lost between our Dropbox email and yours, sometimes we miscategorize an order - but no matter what happened, we'll fix it, we promise. Get in touch!

I love my photos/video! Can I help support Alloy in the future?

Most definitely! We are totally addicted to making polers happy. If you want to spread the love, you can post your photos on social media and credit Alloy Images. You can write us a little testimonial, which we will squee about for days. You can encourage anyone you know who is entering a PSO event to purchase a package, because every order helps us be successful in the pole community! And sometimes we need local volunteers to answer questions and take orders at events, so if you're interested in hanging out with us and getting our undying love, we totally dig that, so please drop us an email! And THANK YOU!