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If you are a Pole Sport Organization event competitor/performer, we have a special FAQ just for you!

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Studio Shoot FAQ:

what is a shoot with alloy like?

Check out these behind the scenes videos from previous shoots!

Alloy at the NEW Bespun on Sunset Blvd - October 2012

We visit the beautiful new BeSpun LA studio on Sunset Blvd. for a full interior/instructor shoot in October 2012. Thank you to Leigh Ann for having us out, Emma, Lindsey and Jen for being fabulous and Brandon Grimm for appearing as the amazing stylist and pose assistant :)

Posted by Alloy Images on Friday, October 26, 2012
Behind the Scenes - Infit Dance August 2015

Behind the scenes at our Infit Dance shoot a couple weeks ago. We had such a wonderful time working with incredible dancers. Featured in these clips are Jo, Aastha, Kate, and Danielle. Thank you all for coming out to play with us!

Posted by Alloy Images on Monday, September 7, 2015

I’m a total beginner pole dancer/aerialist - can I still book a shoot with you?

Absolutely! We work with dancers at all levels. We can help direct you into poses that are simple, yet beautiful. Even if you have only taken a few classes, the basic skills you have learned are more than enough for great photos. Additionally, we have a huge mental library of poses that look gorgeous on everyone.  


I’m too fat/skinny/out of shape/weak/inflexible/awkward to do a professional photo shoot! shouldn't i wait until i look perfect?

No way - don’t let the “future you” talk you out of the experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re still working your way up to six-pack abs or perfecting some crazy new trick, or if you can’t even touch your toes. There are still beautiful photos in your movement, and we will help you find them! We know exactly what angles to shoot from to help you look your best. Until you get to that goal, you will have great images that showcase where you are on that journey right now, and help motivate you.


Can I suggest some crazy idea for lighting or setup? 

It depends - if you are booking time in an open studio shoot, we will use the same lighting and backdrop for everyone, so we don’t spend all day rearranging the set. You can suggest minor tweaks, or bring in props, but we can’t make major changes. However, if you have a wild idea that you want to bring to life, contact us and we can book a private shoot with you, where the sky is the limit.


What do I wear? Should I bother getting my hair and makeup done?

Wear something that you feel amazing in. If you bring a brand new costume, be sure to try it on before the shoot day so you can see if it fits and looks good. Don’t be afraid to make your costume over-the-top sparkly, or sexy, or dramatic. Bring props and accessories, too! But the bottom line is - if you feel good wearing it, you’ll look good in the photos. When it comes to hair and makeup, we definitely suggest that you inquire with us about using one of our favorite stylists, or hire a stylist that you love. Not only does the extra primping make you feel fabulous, it will also mean that the photos look more “finished” and professional - and need less retouching!


what can i do to make my shoot experience awesome and make the most of my time?

Here are some ideas:
-Use an internet search or Pinterest to find poses that you love and think you can achieve. Print them out or make a gallery on your phone to bring along.
-Make a list of tricks, spins or poses that you would like to do at the shoot. Go to an “open studio” time wherever you train, and find a mirror. Practice posing, and especially practice your facial expressions.
-Bring a friend along to the shoot - they are great cheerleaders, and will help point out flexed feet, relaxed tummy, bent knees or an awkward expression.
-Make a playlist of your favorite music! When you are grooving to a favorite song, your movement will be more relaxed and the photos will be better.
-Don’t forget to bring some snacks, water, and any grip aids that you need. Come at least 15 minutes early to stretch and warm up thoroughly.
-I’s not a good idea to go to a dance or yoga class before or after the shoot - a photoshoot is very hard work and you will need all of your energy!


I don’t want to shoot in a studio. Can you come to my house? Can we shoot at the beach/mountains/lake/rooftop?

Yes, we absolutely work on location! We have a portable X-Stage Lite with a 10-foot 45mm chrome or stainless static/spinning pole. We only need a 10x10 level surface where we can set it up. There is an additional charge when we come to you, as well as a charge for any necessary permits. For example, if you want to shoot on the beach, we either need to find a private beach with the owner’s permission, or we will need to pay for a filming permit on a public beach. Of course, there is no permit needed for shooting at your private home. Outdoor photos are always very striking.


Can I book a shoot with a few friends or training buddies?

Definitely! This is an idea that we really encourage. If you and a few friends each book time slots in one of our open studio shoots, or book a private shoot together, you can trade off with them! Usually that means everyone has more energy, friends to cheerlead for them, and the images are even better. Your friends know your style - they can suggest poses that you do well. You’ll also have a chance to rest while your friend is in front of the camera. And you’ll have much more fun!


I’m a studio owner looking for photos I can use for marketing. Can you shoot my instructors or my space?

Yes! Many well-known studios across the US have hired us for instructor and studio photoshoots. Our style is clean and classic, great for websites and fliers. Since we have experience working with studio staffs, we can fit many instructors into a short shoot. We can create a great group photo of your instructors together, as well, and capture your studio interiors in their best light (we also have a background in architectural photography, too)! As a studio owner, we give you full rights to use the images for all of your marketing purposes, and to alter them for use on promo merchandise, banners, posters, etc.


When and how will I receive my images afterward?

Once your photos are finished (usually within 30-45 days) we will upload your photos to a Dropbox folder and send you a link to download them. If you’re feeling computer illiterate or prefer a hard copy for storage, we can mail you a physical DVD of your images.


What is retouching and why do I want to pay for it?

As you probably know, 99% of the images in magazines, on billboards, websites and posters are retouched. Retouching means removing anything you see as a flaw, as well as fixing bloopers. We can remove zits, cellulite, bruises, or stray hairs. We can slim down a slouching tummy, remove rolls caused by a bra strap or waistband, and fix a nipple slip or um, wardrobe malfunction. Essentially we make you look like the best possible version of yourself. Without the massive photo production team that Vogue uses, retouching is a great way to avoid having to readjust your costume and reapply your makeup every second of the shoot, but still end up with a beautiful photo.


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