Vicky, Liz & Danielle @ The Vertitude

In November, we organized a little shoot for three polers who were in town for the reportedly super epic pole community retreat, Pole Unbound, an event organized by Aerial Amy. Well - two polers who were in town, and one that we work with all the time. Our friend Danielle Christine is the owner of Poleitical Clothing, a blogger for Bad Kitty, and a Vertitude instructor. NY-based poler Liz Kinnmark is a national competitor and longtime friend. And Vicky Kierkegaard is the owner of Vixystrawberry Pole School in the UK, a poler who joined us for the shoot based purely on a recommendation. So it was a great mix of new and old friends!

We designed a shoot for the three of them that would use simple, flattering lighting to create photos that they could all use for flyers, posters, promos, etc. Since all three are pole instructors, it's vital to have a constantly updated bank of quality images for social media, and that was our main priority. But on top of that, we also really wanted to make some showstopping banner photos for all three. And we only had a few hours with them. Fortunately, as it worked out, these are some of our favorite shots of the whole year.

Thanks for making time in your travels to join us for some creative playtime, friends!