Julien Miguel & Brian Wolf

Colorado-based pole dancer Julien Miguel contacted us in fall 2015 for a semi-private shoot with a friend, local poler Brian Wolf. We had photographed both of these brilliant dancers previously, at competitions, but never had the chance to work with them in the studio, so it was a treat for all of us to be able to design a studio shoot together at The Choreography House in Los Angeles. They asked for a bright backdrop but gave us creative control of look and lighting, so we played a few different ideas throughout our two hours together.

Most of all, we enjoyed this shoot because of the difference in Brian and Julien's styles. Brian is all vogue and smolder and fierce power moves. In contrast, Julien is the picture of elegance, with seemingly effortless flow. They made quite a pair! On top of that, Tiffany Jane stopped by to loan us some chiffon for even more awesomeness. Yay! We can never turn down some fabric fun.

We can't wait to work with them again. Thanks guys!

Below is a selection of our favorites.