Divine Movement Instructors 2015

In November 2015 we took a little mini-tour through Seattle following the Northwest Pole Art Championships and visited Divine Movement, a studio whose staff and students we had been obsessing over each time we photographed them at a Pole Sport Organization competitions. No matter what level, age or division, a competitor from Divine Movement was guaranteed to be a standout performer. Their quality of movement and dedication to character was truly exceptional.

A couple of years ago we connected with studio co-owners Jen and Angie, and put together a shoot at their studio. We had a great time working face to face with competitors that we normally only get to photograph from across the room! This time, when we returned, we captured their instructors as well as students.

For the staff photos, they wanted to experiment with chiffon skirts and fabric. We've been working with fabric for the past couple years, so even though we photographed 22 (yes, nearly two dozen!) instructors throughout the day, we were hopeful that each set would have something different and interesting. As it turns out, these are some of our favorite images ever.

Below is a small selection of the images we loved best - and there are still so many more! Thanks, Divine Movement staff, for an incredible collaboration.