About Us


Alloy Images is a creative partnership between Iris and V, two Southern California pole/aerial dancers and photographers. We provide live event coverage, editorial photography, marketing images and studio shoots across the US. 

Why you’ll love working with us: 

  • The images are striking. Our style is clean, elegant and dramatic. We emphasize the dancer’s personal style and natural movement, illuminated by lighting that is flattering but never dull. We love interesting shadows; we hate boring paper backdrops. For both studio shoots and live performance, we deliver compelling images for dancers at all levels.

  • We are aerial dancers. We can give clear directions to any model to help create the most beautiful lines. As an advanced-level instructor, Iris can demonstrate a move or provide safe spotting for difficult maneuvers, making the model feel and look more relaxed on camera. We understand “pole lingo.” We can translate phrases like “that crazy thing Oona does, with an elbow grip, kind of like a cross between a jade and an allegra, but from a scorpio?” We can capture the image while our model is in motion, not just trying to hold a static pose forever.

  • Our team can provide multiple camera coverage for both photo and video. We can handle anything from raw, intimate studio portraits to the complex and experimental. Outdoor shoots, crazy props, multiple models, or delicate costumes aren’t a problem. We have the experience to ensure your shoot flows seamlessly from concept to image creation.

  • Pole and aerial photography is our full-time job. We are dedicated to this community. Our branding is classy and unobtrusive. We do our best to be fun, friendly and always professional.

  • We fully support and in fact, love, working with the LGBTQAI community. We work hard to make sure our studio and the spaces we book for shoots are safe spaces for all genders, sexualities and identities.

We look forward to working with you!

Iris & V



meet The Alloy Team


Vanessa woods

Vanessa is a co-founder of Alloy Images, and came to pole from automotive and motorcycle advertising photography. When Iris started taking classes, her love of the art form and V’s in-studio photo experience led them to offer their first open pole shoot. After that success, and shooting a few live pole performances, V fell in love with the community’s welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and creativity. When The Vertitude opened its doors, Vanessa began taking pole and lyra classes as well.




Iris is a co-founder of Alloy Images, and began her adventures in the pole world in 2009. Working as a news photographer but enchanted with the world of Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane through YouTube, she began going to pole classes in the evenings. Iris and Sergia Louise Anderson formed a fast friendship while taking classes together, and when Sergia opened The Vertitude, Iris was thrilled when she was asked to become the first staff instructor. Currently Iris teaches at The Vertitude in Los Angeles as an XPERT-trained pole instructor, offers pole exotic workshops across the country. She has also performed with Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree.



mary elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth joined Alloy Images in 2018 as the organizational brain for the team. She began her pole journey in 2016 and fell in love. Running off of coffee and lists, Mary trains and teaches at The Brass Ring - Chicago, performs with The Wild Side -A Badass Pole Show, and is on the long road to becoming a physical therapist.



symphony marie

Initially attracted to the sport of pole dancing as a way to get in touch with her Polish roots, Symphony joined the Alloy team in 2017 as an assistant photographer, videographer and retoucher. After learning that her grandmother lied about her ancestry to get free pierogis from a local restaurateur, she stayed for the the vibrant, feminist community. Symphony also photographs rock shows in Los Angeles, as well as fashion and beauty. Symphony moonlights as the originator of the sci-fi fantasy biography writing genre. 



sunny martini

When she’s not photographing live concerts or the adorable animals of Seattle, Sunny Martini is also a talented graphic designer with a passion for typography. She can usually be found rocking a uniform of black band t-shirts and hoodies, listening to her favorite band, Third Eye Blind, with a gigantic cup of coffee in hand. Sunny likes to keep on her photography toes by working with a wide range of clients and loves the artistic and athletic challenge she's found with Pole Sport and Alloy Images! Sunny joined Alloy in 2018 as an assistant photographer and videographer.